RocketFarm takes the stage at leading Agtech Event in Adelaide, South Australia

On Wednesday 14 July 2021, Delta Drone International (DLTI) CEO, Chris Clark, attended the exclusive launch of new spraying technology from leading Australian agricultural brand, Hardi.

Invited as a partner to showcase the advancements in aerial captured data in the farming space, Clark presented the latest from DLTI’s precision agriculture brand, Rocketfarm.

The event, hosted in Adelaide, and attended by key players in South Australia agriculture, featured a live demo of Hardi’s new 9000 L RUBICON self-propelled sprayer.

“It is an exciting time for agriculture”, explained Clark, “As advancements in automation and data-capture continue to enhance productivity, yields and food security”

said Chris Clark CEO at Delta Drone International
(Parent to Rockefarm).

“DLTI’s Rocketfarm, was proud to attend this event as a sponsoring partner and we wish Hardi all the success with their new product launch”.

DLTI continues its growth into the Australian market as automation and technology demands across the agricultural, mining and renewable energy space increase.


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